Monday, June 21, 2010

Recipe for … the Perfect Evening for Two!

Looking for some ideas for the perfect romantic evening for two? There are few things in the is world that beat delicious seafood, a perfectly matched wine, some flickering candles and happy conversation. Today we check out some 'recipes' for the perfect evening for two, matching your seafood order to a delicious wine, and pairing the culinary elements up with a venue!
Chardonnay and king crab legs on the boardwalk
Look for a chardonnay that is said to have a rich, buttery and creamy taste - then match it up with the delicate flavors of king crab legs and hollandaise sauce. All that buttery goodness will probably leave you feeling a bit heavy after dinner - so why not pack up your picnic basket (and a few moist towellettes for your face and hands!) and hop down to the boardwalk, a river view, or anywhere else that you can take a spectacular walk after dinner.
Riesling and teriyaki glazed salmon before a county fair
Riesling, especially German rieslings, are light and sweet, and match beautifully with barbecue teriyaki-glazed or even Cajun shrimp. All that sugary sweetness will give you plenty of energy (and stop you looking longingly at the cotton candy) at a local county fair … wander round afterwards in the bright lights and see if you can win your sweetheart one of those giant teddy bears!
Barbecued salmon and pinot noir on your balcony or deck
Bring out a blanket if the weather's getting a little chilly- but don't forego the pleasure of having some beautiful wine and awesome conversation as your fresh seafood order of salmon is barbecueing! It takes no extra cash, and you don't even have to brush your hair if you don't want to … but fresh air, good pinot noir, tasty barbecued salmon and conversation with the stars to look at cannot be beaten for romanticism.

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