Monday, April 26, 2010

Give the Gift of Fresh Sea Food

What’s your idea of the perfect gift to give?

Some know how to say it with flowers. Want something different? Then let me recommend sea food too you! What could be simpler than placing an online seafood order to be delivered to someone special?
Seafood makes a special gift for countless reasons. It is easy to store (much can be frozen), easy to use, delicious, and healthy! Who wouldn’t be delighted to hear the bell ring for a special sea food delivery—and discover that they’ve just received a package of jumbo shrimp or crab legs, or perhaps fresh king salmon or some other delicacy from the sea?
When you think seafood as a gift, the options are many, from fresh or frozen seafood to cookbooks, to accessories. Specialty sea food shops will be glad to offer gift certificates as well.
For Congratulations, Offer the Gift of Pride. More and more people are into gourmet cooking. I remember when my teen-age son added a sushi kit to our shopping cart a few years back. It was amazing to see him develope pride in fixing homemade sushi for family and friends.
Who do you know that loves seafood and just needs a little nudge to develop his or her culinary talents? Consider a great cookbook or a high-quality fish knife as your own encouragement to a budding chef—and you are offering the potential for pride. For the new parent, you might add the gift of convenience with already-prepared seafood dishes! Here are some ways to offer congratulations and best wishes:
· Promotion: Caviar (and champagne!)
· Graduation: King Crab Legs (you are going places!), Seafood cookbook
· New Baby: Chowders and other easy-to-prepare dishes
· Happy Birthday: Fresh Lobster Tails or person’s favorite fish
For Anniversaries, Thank Yous, Offer the Gift of Joy. More and more of my friends are discovering the joy of fresh cooking. Couples will appreciate your gift of sea food or accessories as well. Some of the happiest couples I know are those who spend quality time in the kitchen together, creating a great meal that they then enjoy together afterwards. If this is not a custom yet, let them know that research shows that mates who learn new things together actually become happier!
So to express love or gratitude, here are some ideas about how you can give seafood and seafood-related gifts to create a memorable occasion.
· Thank Yous/Hostess Gifts: Oyster knives or lobster implements
· Bridal Shower: Seafood Cookbook, Fish knife
· Happy Anniversary: Seafood Platter for two
· I Love You: Fresh Oysters (enough to share!)
Those are just a few good ideas for giving unique, memorable gifts. Now expand and adapt—just as you would with any good basic recipe, and enjoy the good feelings you are creating!
P.S. Don't be surprised if you get some great sea food in return when it's your day to celebrate!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pregnant Women Should Eat More Fish for Smarter, Healthier Babies

We already know that fish is good for adults as it can improve heart health. Did you know that fish consumption during and after pregnancy is also recommended? The oil from fish turns out to be brain food for your child!

Scientists studied over 12,000 pregnant women, as reported in the Harvard School of Public Health, and what did they find?
  • Children born to mothers who ate less than two servings of fish a week performed more poorly on tests of intelligence, behavior, and other developmental milestones.
  • Children of mothers who did eat fish at least twice a week showed better visual recognition.
  • Children of breast-feeding mothers who eat regularly ate fish had similar benefits.
Some people are concerned that increasing their intake of fish may harm their health due to contaminants such as mercury of PCBs. But research by the Environmental Protection agency shows that the calculated health benefits for healthier development and healthier hearts far outweighs the infinitesimal danger from mercury or PCBs.
“The healthiest approach for women who are or may become pregnant, nursing mothers, and young children is to eat two servings per week of fish or other seafood, including up to one serving per week of white (albacore) canned tuna, and avoid the four fish species higher in mercury (shark, swordfish, tilefish, king mackerel),” notes the Harvard report, quoting the Environmental Protection Agency.
So if you are in this category, remember to avoid those four species and enjoy the benefits of fresh seafood the rest of the time! If you are considering local freshwater fish, check with experts first. [Note: If you are not in this category, the restriction does not apply—and all the evidence supports regular consumption of a variety of fish and seafood.] One of the easiest ways of assuring really fresh fish is through a quality online seafood delivery service. When you are a busy mother or mother-to-be, this can be a great time-saver.
Also, nutritionists recommend that when cooking fish, consider baking or grilling instead of frying. Perk up the taste with herbs, lemon juice, and even fruit salsas rather than high-fat, high-sodium sauces. If now and then you decide to fry some fish, say a great fresh halibut, use an olive oil spray for additional health benefits.
As parents, offering fresh seafood twice a week benefits you as well as your children. Continue this family habit as your children grow, cooking fresh fish and serving it attractively. What a wonderful way to offer your children a legacy of taste and health.