Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Experience Awesome Abalone!

You may be one of those people who considers abalone too exotic to experience. Here's a secret: once you try awesome abalone, you'll be adding it often to your menu. You see, abalone may be a shellfish, but its succulent steaks are as versatile as halibut or sushi-grade tuna. California Red abalone steaks, for instance, are delectable pan-fried in butter with a coating of macadamia nuts. But, like ahi, you can also use it for sashimi. No matter how you decide to eat your abalone, you're going to love the sweet, smooth flesh of this shellfish.

While you may be serving delicious chilled
jumbo shrimp to impress your party guests, wait until they taste amazing abalone appetizers. The meat of this oversized sea snail takes a little preparation -- after all, it's largely muscle -- but the time it takes to tenderize this sumptuous treat is well worth it.

Many cooks start by slicing the meat of the abalone into thin steaks, tenderizing it and then baking, broiling or frying it. Premium
online seafoodshops can also supply cleaned and tenderized abalone steaks, ready for you to cook. Like salmon, there are almost endless possibilities for serving California Red abalone. Great seafood cooks prepare hors d'oeuvres, appetizers and entrees with this sweet, scrumptious delicacy.

Another tip for gourmet cooks: it's possible to purchase abalone live in their beautiful shells if you'd like to experience it at the very peak of freshness. Check your favorite seafood shop for availability.

We're not finished singing the praises of this versatile shellfish yet! Abalone trim or "skirts" make crunchy little treats to toss with pasta. And a must-have accessory for abalone aficionados is panko, delicious Japanese-style breadcrumbs perfect for coating fish. Don't be afraid to jump in and experience
abalone for yourself! You're going to find a new favorite at the seafood market!