Thursday, October 15, 2009

Smoked Fish - Even More Savory!

Are you skipping a succulent way to eat fish that can open a whole new world of flavor? Even regular fish eaters often miss the possibilities of smoked fish. With a quality online seafood shop, you should have some great smoked fish varieties easily available.

You may consider yourself a fearless fish- and seafood-eater, enjoying varieties like halibut, lobster and
sushi-grade tuna regularly. Great online seafood shops, though, can also introduce you to their own special recipe smoked fish -- varieties like smoked salmon and New Zealand Greenlip Mussels.

Before you turn your nose up, imagining tough, dried fish strips, it's time to redefine for you the flaky goodness that is smoked fish. Premium seafood stores create succulent smoked fish onsite, often using special blends of ingredients like brown sugar and soy sauce. By slowly smoking fillets from fish like salmon, trout or swordfish over aromatic woodchips, the result is succulent and tender.

Look through your online seafood store's offerings for their smoked fish specialties. You'll be amazed that, amid the usual online seafood menu of
Dungeness crab and Abalone, there are unusual smoked fish like thresher shark.

Once you've received your first order, your taste buds are in for a treat! Your first bite of savory smoked fish will have you planning your next online seafood order.

If you're inspired to smoke fish yourself, the store where you
buy seafood often offers to their customers the same woodchips they use for smoking fish. Look for the traditional mesquite or hickory, or more aromatic woodchips like cherry or apple. Of course, they can also supply the fish fillets or steaks you need for the perfect fish smoking experience.

Don't miss this fantastic way to eat fish. Just think; a perfectly smoked set of salmon steaks could be on their way to you today! Explore the flavor possibilities presented by smoked fish soon. You won't believe what you've been missing!