Monday, March 2, 2009

Fabulous Salmon Recipe

This week we’re going to pass along one of our most favorite and best loved fish recipes in the hopes to inspire you to make fresh fish part of your weekly dinner menu. To reiterate, fish is one of the richest and most natural sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as a host of B vitamins. Eating fish at least once a week is recommended by most nutritional counselors and has long been viewed as a staple in any healthy diet. So, let’s get on to the recipe!

This week we’re going to inform you of exactly how to prepare lemon rosemary salmon; not only is this dish delicious, it’s ready in 30 minutes tops! Before you start, you will need at least two fresh salmon fillets (preferably ordered from a high quality online fish market, one whole lemon (thinly sliced), four sprigs of fresh rosemary, olive oil and coarse sea salt to taste. Once you’ve gathered your preparatory materials, it’s time to preheat the oven.
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and arrange one half of your thinly sliced lemons in the bottom of a glass baking dish. Once the bottom of your dish is layered with lemon slices, sprinkle them with half of the fresh rosemary. Now it’s time for the salmon.
Layer your fresh salmon fillets on top of the lemon and rosemary and then drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle on sea salt to taste. Once you’ve completed this step, it’s time for another layer of thinly sliced lemon. Sprinkle the top of your dish with the remainder of the rosemary and then bake your masterpiece at 400 degrees for a full 20 minutes.
We advise that you prepare a side of your choosing while you’re fish is cooking. We like fresh asparagus, rice, or perhaps a fresh green salad with a mix of spinach and romaine lettuce. By the time you’ve finished prepping your side dish, your fish will be done and ready to serve!
We can guarantee that you’ll be so impressed with your creation that you’ll wish you used a bigger baking dish! That aside, this fish recipe is well served with a chardonnay or blush wine and makes for an excellent light meal – light enough in fact that you may take seconds!